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  • Martin

    I am thinking of my doughter she s having a hard time since my wife and I divorced she is not happy in school and she isfeeling lonely and sad and fights whith her mother a lot .I hope so much that she will be in more harmony.
    I breaks my heart .
    And thank you for your monthly videos on you tube I love to watch you speak !!

  • Peter

    Hi Sue, In your predictions for 2021 you didn’t say anything about the covid crisis. Do you have any idea when the situation is going to improve? Regards, Roger

  • sue

    hi sue..you saw my friend and i 3 times at the sidmouth festival with rosie the dog..well my friend as since ive known her been volatile and angry and its really upsetting me and rosie and i cant wait to move..my ibs is flaring up now..i dont know what margs problem is but shes got no self control whatsoever..im totaly oblivious to her problems and i would like to know whats going on with her? thanku from sue…

  • Amanda

    I’ve met the most amazing man recently after the most horrible, awful two years of my life. We immediately connected and have so many things in common as we are the same age. His heart is in the relationshp but his head is all over the place as the feelings we have for each other have been so overwhelming and strong. He broke up with me last night as he doesn’t want to hurt me and I don’t think he can handle the feelings that he has. I love him and want to be with him as I can’t throw away our chance for happiness. I have said I will give him some space but that I am here for him when he is ready. Please help him to come back to me.

  • Meghna

    All I want is him. Please help me not lose him.

  • Sommer

    I recently lost someone very special to me, my first love. I feel racked with guilt because I promised the person I wouldn’t ever let them die of what they actually died from. I feel sick every minute of the day and my heart is broken. Even now I’m writing this through tears. I don’t even know why I’m writing this I’m just trying in every way to express how much I loved this individual. Rest In peace ❤️

  • Lawrence

    My lovely Mum recently passed away, I miss her Dearly but was with her till the end. One brother never came to her funeral the other got all the sympathy despite never being there for her. I love you Mum and hope you are able to contact me somehow xxx

  • Dawn Hayward

    Hi Sue
    Thank you for today at Tapley Park, it was a pleasure to meet you and to have you do a reading for myself and my client Sue, much love Dawn

  • Tania

    My 3 year old son diagnosed with Autism and epilepsy and my oldest son has adhd/learning difficulties and lastly my daughter has concentration and learning difficulties. Meanwhile my severe neck pain due to a major car accident has taken a toll on my own health and my soul is finding it hard to continue this journey we call life and I know the kids need me and I’m all they have. Iv reached burn out with three children with a disability and no family support and a husband who is a compulsive liar. I have forgotten the feeling of excitement and joy. Please heal my three children. Please heal me emotionally, physically and spiritually and and give me the strength to carry on and make my life easier and filled with good times and an abundance of luck. pray that I win 1st division lottery, leave my husband and follow my dreams to help my own children thrive and invest in families (parents, the child with special needs including the siblings). Help me

  • Helen

    Thank you for such an informative and practical reading on Saturday at Exeter Race Course, unexpectedly specific and so helpful. I was very happy as a result of your messages and the advice and warnings will be heeded. I did not ask about others, too busy listening! I would like to ask/send love – a good friend, B, is seriously ill, doing fairly well although it’s a long uphill struggle. She has no family, her friends all try to support her, is there anything else we can do, or do better? She is a lovely positive person despite many tough times.

  • Ilona

    Dear Sue,
    Thank you so much for your time yesterday! I feel so relived of a burden and so full of positive energy!
    May God bless you.
    Love, Ilona

  • Louise Marsh

    Dear all,
    This is a positive message, I am asking the universe for a magnificent outcome so I can continue my journey and my life purpose helping fellow humans and the beautiful animals and the fabulous planet that we live on. We take what we have for granted and I want to make as many people aware that we should be helping each other and making this planet and everything on it thrive and prosper and take care of it.
    ThankYou and sending the world positive energy and vibration. Happiness is the key!!

  • Sue

    My neighbour, Mary, gets very depressed and is stuck with thought patterns that she does not seem to be able to change. She feels lonely and lives in a very isolated spot, is desperate to move to a normal town or village.

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